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Art [noun] : the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the produc tion of aesthetic objects; also : works so produced. -Merriam-Webster On-line Dictionary

formequalsfunction is devoted to the pursuit of generating art via creative programming. While programatic art is not new, it is not widely known or accepted. This method of creating art is an abstraction of traditional methods in that the works produced are not made directly visible to the audience. Rather, the artist invests the conscious use of skill and creative imagination in the creation of a program that in turn generates aesthetic objects for the audience (and often the artist) to experience. This abstraction raises some interesting questions about the communication between artist and audence, the act of creation and the nature of art.

While the artwork on this site strives toward being of aesthetic value, the final judgement is up to the viewer. Much of the artwork you will see uses random numbers, and in these cases, the art the viewer sees is unique to that particular viewing and will never be seen again. To put it in a more paradoxical frame: It is the act of the viewer choosing to view the art that creates it.


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